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Me llamo Ariel, vivo en Santiago de Chile. Estoy estudiando Biología Ambiental y me quiero especializar en conservación.

Mi historia con la fotografía comenzó en Enero del 2011, cuando aliciaSatie me ofreció su Canon EOS XSi. Mi sueño de infancia era fotografiar animales alrededor del mundo, ahora creo que puedo hacerlo. Me considero a mí mismo un estudiante autodidacta.

Estoy absolutamente enamorado del sur de Chile (aunque aún no he visitado el norte... :doh:)

Si ven mi galería, verán dos temas principales: naturaleza (principalmente aves) y protestas. Actualmente estos son mis "sujetos enfocados", así que echen un vistazo si quieren ;D
Éstas son mis dos pasiones en fotografía, a veces pienso que son algo "opuestas", quiero ser convertirme en un fotógrafo de naturaleza, pero también me gustaría ser fotoperiodista. Mientras "me convierto en algo"... ¡estoy tomando fotos! :)

My name is Ariel, I live on Santiago, Chile. I'm studying Environmental Biology and I want to specialize in conservation.

My story with the photography began on January 2011, when aliciaSatie offered me her Canon EOS 450D. My child-dream was to photograph animals over the world, now I think that I can do it. I consider myself a photography student autodidact.

I'm absolutely in love with the south of Chile! (I haven't visited north yet... :doh:)

If you watch my gallery, you'll see two main themes: nature (mainly birds) and protests. These are my two current "subjects in focus", so take a look on which you like ;D
These are my two passions on photography, sometimes I think that are some kind of "opposite", I want to become a nature photographer, but also I would like to be a photojournalist. While I "become something"... I'm taking photographs! :)

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Pokémon Omega Ruby

A week before that day, my cat, Vaquito, had a fever, he was 42ºC (4º above the normal temperature), he was very depressed, so I took him to the vet. She put an injection to stop the fever and the pain, then I bough some medicine to give him during the next days. I carried him on my arms by the street, because the vet is on the same street, I was talking with him (well, to him), telling him to get better, that I would take care of him and everything was going to be okay. I took him a photo on the next day.

He spend the next days a little depressed, with a little fast breathing, but better than the past day. He stayed on my room and looked at me while I was on the PC or playing, I encouraged him very much to get better. Those were very bad days, I have some problems on the university (in fact, I had to abandon my career for this year, but it doesn't matter in this story), I told Vaquito that it doesn't matters if he got healthy.

On March 16th, I left my house early and returned with my girlfriend, it was her birthday and we wanted to be with Vaquito, also, I had to give him his medicine. He was very depressed, also I noticed that he was breathing through his mouth, his breathing was faster. It was very late and I started to desperate, I was very sad those days, but suddenly I had the vision that Vaquito was going to die. I couldn't go to any vet, it was almost midnight and we have no car, I gave him a little water, I noticed that he had pain on the chest and mewed a little strange, I cried, I stayed awake with him by my side while I covered him with his favorite blanket, the one that he always loved when he stayed in my room. I stroked him for three hours, but I fell asleep, just to wake up at 4:30 AM. I waited awake until 5:45 AM to take the first subway train to a vet hospital, my girlfriend stayed at home, she was very sad. I carried him wrapped in the same blanket, he mewed a few times, I asked him to please don't leave me. 

We arrived at 7 AM, it was a cold morning but I felt no cold. A woman received us, Vaquito was over the table, she told me that he was feeling very much pain in the thorax, she told me that maybe it was a virus, that maybe it was other thing, she needed to hospitalize Vaquito immediately and make some exams. Then we saw something terrible, it broke my heart, Vaquito could walk properly, his forelegs curved when he touched the ground, she told me that he had neurological damage, that it doesn't relate to the pain in the thorax... then she told me that he was poisoned.

Vaquito was poisoned and beaten!!

She told me that some x-rays were needed to see if some rib was broken. She was going to do everything to save him...

We put Vaquito on a little room for cats, she put the intravenous solution... I took a photo of him, like I always do to see if I can collect some money to pay the vet...

It was 7:11 AM, I put down the camera, I was going to touch his head again, but he started to meow, then it turned into a cry... the vet ran and took him quickly to other room, a red light flashed, I didn't understand immediately, but then I noticed that Vaquito just died right in front of me. 

She put him an oxygen mask, tried to reanimate him... his heart stoped, his eyes were wide open, but that fade away. I tried to stay calm, I tried to don't fall apart... she asked me if I wanted het to keep trying, but there was no hope. I touched Vaquito, his lifeless body, then I felt something strange inside, some kind of pain, I felt my heart and my vision blurred, I had to sit down, I have never felt that was, so weak, so sad...

I contained the tears until I returned to my home just to explode, my girlfriend was so disconsolately as I was. We cried so much, in my room, in the same room in which we saw Vaquito's birth on October 26th, 2012. He was so little, so full of life... Now he was dead, cold... just because a horrible person poisoned him...

That has been the saddest day of my entire life, I can't tell you how much I suffered digging his grave at night, on the same place that he loved to sleep and enjoy the sun, where he played along with out new rescued cat, Vaquita... I put each handful of earth with my hands. Now he's sleeping there forever.

It has been a week now, it's just so hard to be happy, I slept with him almost every night, he loved to be with me and with my girlfriend, I think that I have never loved a cat that much (and I have had many many cats), I miss him so much. I try to think that his memories will be with me until I die, but it just so hard not to be sad. When I remember those moments, it seems like it was some kind of dream.

Just writing this and choosing the photos makes me cry, but I really wanted to make this for him. Maybe this is useless, but I felt the need to say him goodbye writing about him, how much I loved him, and how much I will miss him.

I know that some people here love their cats so much, if you're reading this, please give them a big hug and enjoy their company and their love...

I don't know what else should I write, I can't continue anyway.

Vaquito by AriCaFoix
I won't forget you, my little furry friend.
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  • Reading: Tales of the Otori: Heaven's Net is Wide
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